The British Royal Heir Has Arrived!

The Palace of Buckingham has 775 rooms, one of them being exclusive for the royal baby. Photo: Ari Helminen. CC BY 2.0

The Palace of Buckingham has 775 rooms, one of them being exclusive for the royal baby. Photo: Ari Helminen. CC BY 2.0

Although William and Kate are a quite modern couple, behind them there are thousands of years of tradition and confronting them is not in their plans. The royal couple brought a breeze of fresh air to the British Monarchy which had lost a bunch of its glamour after Diana’s passing. Their wedding, watched with great excitement for billions of people all around the world, besides being the fairy tale many people have dreamed of, it also lead to significant changes in succession line law.

On 25th April, 2013, the Queen passed the bill Succession to the Crown Act 2013 which ends the archaic principle of men taking precedence over women in the succession line to the throne. Before this law, if a couple’s first baby were a girl and the second a boy, the boy, even being younger, would be the one in the succession line to the throne. It means that now, whether Prince William and Princess Kate had a baby boy or a baby girl, their baby would be third in the line to the throne, behind grandpa Prince Charles and dad Prince William. The bill also ends the bar on anyone in the line of succession marrying a Roman Catholic and scraps the provision requiring any descendant of George II to seek the Sovereign’s permission to marry, establishing that only the first six people in the line to the throne will be required to do so. According to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who introduced the bill in the House of Commons, “this is a truly historic moment”. He also said he was proud that the British Parliament took this step to end centuries of religious and gender discrimination.

After the so expected news that Princess Kate was pregnant many special arrangements were made. Among the 775 rooms of the palace, the baby’s room will allegedly have PoshTots furniture and famous designer’s clothes. The delivery was set to be at the luxurious Lindo wing of St Mary’s Hospital, especially decorated and organized for the royal family, same one that dad Prince William was born, in 1982. A commemorative limited-edition solid silver one penny coin was designed to be given exclusively to babies born in the same day as the royal baby, wrapped in a blue or pink package, according to baby’s gender.

Innumerous luxurious gifts from other royal families and even from local pleb were sent to the British Royal family throughout Kate’s pregnancy. Bets had been made on birth due date and baby’s name, the favorites being Alexandra, Diana and Elizabeth for girl, and James, George and Charles for boy.

For the last two weeks, press had been anxiously waiting in front of the hospital for any news on Princess check-in, after her short stay in her parents’ house, in Bucklebury.

On 07/22/2013, at 4:24 pm London local time, the world came to know, first through electronic communication then through the traditional easel placed in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby boy had just been born.His name is yet to be chosen and disclosed in the next few days.

The baby Prince arrival was expected by the media and the entire world population with the same excitement showed in the wedding. Most people of our generation won’t live long enough to witness this baby become king but we certainly will hear news on every step the little one takes into his adult life, just like happened to dad William and uncle Harry.

Below, the video of the official announcement:

By Aline P. Dário